Huge, Potent, LEGAL Buds

 Learn how to grow huge, potent buds like those grown by Steve Kubby at his legal 137 plant cannabis lab in Canada.

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This Double CD set not only contains over 2 hours of detailed video instructions showing you how to grow world-class cannabis, but also reveals court-tested secrets on how to do it legally. The information about growing medical marijuana on this CD set has been battle-tested in California and Canadian courts. In addition, experts like Marc Emery, Ed Rosenthal, and Mike Straumietis, show you how to grow world-class cannabis.

These experts tell you inside secrets about germinating seeds, rooting clones, maximizing yield, using CO2, and professional secrets for controlling spider mites and mold. They even tell you how to get 80% of your seeds to germinate as females. You will also learn how Steve Kubby used a simple procedure to obtain approval for his garden -- before he was raided -- from officers of the court. Sealed by court order until now, you will learn how this procedure protected Steve and could protect you as well.

A Must-Have for Medpot Patients!

Valuable tips from professional growers on how to produce top quality medical marijuana. Learn how to prepare and store your meds.

Control those pesky spider mites without using harmful insecticides.

Information on legal requirements for medical marijuana in Canada, California and other States.

Now you can grow huge, potent buds legally by following Steve's advice on his new CD.  Order today!



Steve Kubby's Canadian exemption allows him to travel with 1.5 pounds, possess 13.5 pounds and grow 137 marijuana plants.