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About Us

According to a report issued by the United States National Academy of Sciences, catastrophic climate changes could plunge earth into an ice age in less than a decade.

The Academy summarized its  findings by concluding, "Paleoclimatic records show that large, widespread, abrupt climate changes have affected much or all of the earth repeatedly over the last ice-age cycle as well as earlier - and these changes sometimes have occurred in periods as short as a few years."
Scientists now realize that catastrophic global climate change has occurred in as little as two years in the past, based upon recent geologic evidence obtained from Greenland ice cores. 

Front line scientists at institutions like the California Institute of Technology, are searching the world's ocean bottoms and uncovering more evidence that supports rapid global climate change.  These scientists have advised us that the earth could be plunged into an ice age in ten years or less.  This is not science fiction or wild speculation, but the astonishing new reality that has emerged in the last decade of earth research. 

Furthermore, compelling evidence suggests that Australia has played a unique role for the past 2 million years as a life raft for human genetics and culture.

In view of the threat that catastrophic weather poses for the world, it seems clear that more research is needed and it is critical that we begin by establishing a scientific outpost in Australia.

The implications of rapid catastrophic climate change are enormous and affect every person on Earth.  Being able to make accurate predictions about the changes that lay ahead could save millions of lives.
We plan to document the emerging evidence of cataclysmic climate change and promote winter tourism to Australia as a prudent safeguard to the dangers of increasingly violent weather in the northern hemisphere.  We will use online deliver of web video, as well as DVD media to provide educational videos for public education.