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"Paleoclimatic records show that large, widespread, abrupt climate changes have affected much or all of the earth repeatedly over the last ice-age cycle as well as earlier - and these changes sometimes have occurred in periods as short as a few years."

In the popular movie, "The Day After Tomorrow," audiences are confronted with disturbing scenes of a  "Superstorm" that dwarfs all other storms.  Is such sudden catastrophic climate change really possible? 

Until recently, scientists considered any theory of catastropic change to be heresy. However, science has undergone an astonishing paradigm shift and now accepts the compelling evidence that Earth has already begun a catastrophic change:

"An example of an extremely quick climate change came during a period of time known as the Younger Dryas, which happened right after the last ice age ended, about 12,000 years ago. The Younger Dryas itself lasted about 1,000 years. What we didn't know until recently was just how quickly the Younger Dryas started and stopped. In a period of less than 50 years, the climate from the eastern US and Canada to much of Europe went from climate conditions much like today's, to frigid readings more like the Ice Age, at least a ten degree Farenheit change. That's how it stayed for a thousand years - and then the climate flipped back to normal in as little as 20 years."

 -- Dave Thurlow, Mount Washington Observatory
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Greenpeace has released a classified study, prepared for the Pentagon, that warns of increasingly unstable and violent weather.  This Pentagon Weather Report paints a grim picture of the Gulf Stream failing to deliver warm water to the North Atlantice, triggering widespread weather disasters:

"A world thrown into turmoil by drought, floods, typhoons. Whole countries rendered uninhabitable. The capital of the Netherlands submerged. The borders of the US and Australia patrolled by armies firing into waves of starving boat people desperate to find a new home. Fishing boats armed with cannon to drive off competitors. Demands for access to water and farmland backed up with nuclear weapons. "

Weather scientists are realizing that a major shift in the  climate has taken place, marked by a 250 per cent increase in violent hurricanes in the North Atlantic and the first ever hurricane was recorded in the South Atlantic.

 The idea that the Earth has been molded by sudden, catastrophic climate change is something that scientists have resisted for many decades, according to a scientific analysis of the past few decades of climate research by Spencer Weart, Director of the Center for History of Physics at the American Institute  of Physics.  In an article published by Physics Today, Weart explains how weather scientists have historically refused to comprehend the evidence before them supporting rapid climate change.  Each new discovery keeps shortening the time in which massive global climate changes are recognized and understood to have occurred. Shocking new evidence from Greenland now confirms that rapid global climate change has occurred on Earth in as little as five years, or less.  In fact, Cal Tech scientist, Jason Saleeby reports major climate shifts have been documented to have occurred in as little as two years.



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