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So where ARE the Safe Places on Earth?  Where can we go to avoid catastrophic disasters from a sudden and violent change in our climate?  Perhaps we should begin by telling you there are few, if any, safe places in the world of the future.  All of the current scenarios for severe weather and climate change entail monster storms, massive flooding, disruption of agriculture and political turmoil. 

We have conducted a risk assesment of the Earth's safe places, based upon key factors including Climate, Seismic Activity, Exposure to Pollution, Vunerability to Terrorism, Economic Stability, Local Food Supply, and Resources. 

In reviewing the Earth's safe places, we considered many locations, but only one safe place met all of our key factors.  Our final choice for the Safest Place will probably suprise you, because it is located much farther north than anyone would suspect for such a delightful climate. 

Our choice for Safest Place is Powell River, British Columbia.  Protected by lofty barrier mountain to the east and west, while being warmed by an inland sea, Powell River is rated by the USDA as having the same climate as Houston, Texas and St. Augustine, Florida.