Flight Training

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Assignment: Top Gun Navy Flight Training

In 1991, Steve flew an F5 fighter jet in aerial combat at the Navy's top secret Fallon Naval Air Station.

 Invited by the Navy to do a story about advanced military aircraft and tactics, Steve was issued a special top security clearance and training that allowed Steve to actually fly one of the world's most agile military jets in aeral combat against F14 Tomcats and F/A 18 Hornets.  While at the controls, Steve broke the sound barrier and exceeded 7 G's.

What is it like to pilot such a powerful aircraft?  Steve explains: "It is the ultimate experience in powered flight with total view and agility in all directions. The only limiting factor is how much punishment your body is able to withstand."  Like most journalists, Steve reached his limit and got airsick. Afterwards he was assigned his official Top Gun callsign, "Chunks."