Kubby Campaign's award-winning
'South Park' TV Commercial

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frame1.jpg (6481 bytes) Lungren: As governor, I'll reduce crime, educate your children and lower taxes.

Davis: What?!  If I were governor, I'd reduce taxes, educate your children, and lower crime!

frame2.20.jpg (5852 bytes) Stan: Dude!  Didn't that other guy just say the same thing?
frame3.jpg (5959 bytes) Lungren: What we really need are more laws to protect our children, and I'll make sure we're safe by filling our prisons.
frame4.jpg (5690 bytes) Davis: No!  We should guarantee the safety of our children by passing more laws and building new prisons.
frame5.jpg (5181 bytes) Kyle: I thought the two parties had different ideas.   How come they sound exactly the same?
frame6.jpg (6291 bytes) Stan: Yeah, it's like there's no choice.
frame7.jpg (6648 bytes) Steve: Hi, I'm Steve Kubby and I'm also running for Governor.
frame8.jpg (5925 bytes) Lungren: How'd you get in here?
frame9.jpg (5672 bytes) Davis: You don't have 40 million dollars!
frame10.jpg (6798 bytes) Steve: If I become governor I'll work to remove power from politicians and their corporate sponsors and return it to families.  People need choices when it comes to education, health care, and helping their communities.
frame11.jpg (6544 bytes) Lungren: Hippie!

Davis: Commie!

frame12.jpg (5931 bytes) Stan: Dude!  Kubby kicks ass!
frame13.jpg (6623 bytes) Davis: That medicine is not government-approved.
frame14.jpg (6399 bytes) (popping sound as Lungren pulls IV out of Denny's arm)
frame15.jpg (5543 bytes) Kyle: Oh my god!  Lungren and Davis killed Denny!
frame16.jpg (5507 bytes) Cartman: Screw you guys, I'm voting for Steve Kubby!