Inside Edition's TV
Coverage of Kubbys

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Inside Edition: TV Story on the Kubbys


"Last year he made news by running unsuccessfully for Governor of California on the Libertarian ticket.  Now Steve Kubby is making news again and this time it's a battle that could cost him his life."
"Early on  Steve suffered through various operations, chemotherapy , and radiation but for the last twenty years has relied mainly on marijuana for relief.  Even with the approval of Proposition 215, California's landmark 1996 medical maijurana initiative, he still faces an uphill battle."
Dr. Vincent DeQuattro, a professor of medicine at USC, treated Steve nearly twenty years ago:  "For him to survive this long with a tumor is a miracle."
"Even though medical marijuana is legal in California, authorities are trouble by the number of plants they found growing, nearly 250, in the former gubernatorial candidate's home.  Police say that's too many for personal medical use and they arrested both Steve and his wife"
"We wanted to take six months to grow a one year supply.  We carefully documented our intentions.  Every plant was documented.  The prosecution, I'm sure, is very well aware of what we were doing and why we were doing it."