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Hi Friends,

Thanks to your extraordinary efforts, we are on track for collecting 10,000 signatures in our first two weeks of operation.  Final results will be announce by PCI Consultants, who will be independently verifying and validating our signatures.  PCI Consultants will also be releasing results of a poll and analysis, based upon feedback from their army of petitioners.

That's right, the long awaited poll and analysis showing voter attitudes towards Regulating Marijuana Like Wine is coming next Monday.  An independent report is being prepared by Angelo Paparella, the CEO of PCI Consultants, who was the primary signature gatherer for Prop. 215 and for the recent San Jose referendum.  This report and our two week total for validated signatures will be released by Mr. Paparella on Nov. 14, 2011.

Mr. Paparella's report will be as credible as they come, because it is from petitioners who are serving on the front lines of various cities and towns across California.  This will be real world data, based upon empirical observations and analysis by veterans of the petitioning process. Voters can lie on phone polls, but on the street, they either sign the petition or they don't and you know for sure how they feel.  This poll and analysis will tell us what people really think about our initiative and what our chances of success really are.

Based upon preliminary results from a recent 28 day campaign to obtain and verify 48,000 signatures in San Jose, Mr. Paparella believes we are already seeing a major shift in public attitudes towards legalization.

A recent Gallup Poll confirms this major shift with a record-high 50% of Americans who now say the use of marijuana should be made legal, up from 46% last year.  That same poll shows a stunning 55% favoring legalization in the West.

Another 10,000 petitions have just been printed and are already in distribution, bringing the total number to 26,000 petitions now on the streets.  Legal size petitions 8.5x14 with room for ten signatures can now be downloaded, along with three signature petitions on 8.5x11 standard size paper.  Several offices are being opened to store and distribute petitions, including the Libertarian Party State Office at:

Libertarian Party of California
14547 Titus Street, Suite 214
Panorama City, CA 91402-4935
(818) 782-8400

Meanwhile, a major funder has asked us for a legal analysis of how the Regulate Marijuana LIke Wine Act can effectively deal with the latest federal assault.  As you know, we saw this coming and created an initiative that provides California with the opportunity to exercise its 10th amendment rights and opt out of the CSA.  This funder has come around 180 degree since the federal raids began and is serious about helping us. 

We are encouraged that the same legal arguments we have been making for opting out of the CSA are now being made by NORML attorneys to halt federal raids. In fact, NORML has gone so far as to call for full legalization rather than any more medical marijuana initiatives:

"With so many onerous institutional discriminations and restrictions-and the price of medical cannabis remaining inordinately high because of the existence of cannabis Prohibition-patients who genuinely need access to this low toxicity, naturally occurring herbal medicine would be far better served by ending cannabis Prohibition entirely than in trying to carve out special legal exemptions to the existing Prohibition."

--Allen F. St. Pierre Executive Director NORML

We are pulling ahead financially as well.  Recently, our treasurer, Stephen Collett CPA, informed me that he expects our financial report Form 460 to show over $100,000 in donations for the fourth quarter of this year.

In closing, I'd like to announce that in addition to our campaign making history with endorsements by conservatives like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, and celebrities like Kenny Loggins, we just became the first marijuana initiative to get a video endorsement by a former governor and current presidential candidate, Gary Johnson.  Other endorsements include Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Judge James P. Gray (ret.), Deputy Chief Stephen Downing (ret.), Assemblymember Chris Norby, Lieutenant Commander Diane Goldstein (ret.), Ed Rosenthal, Keith Stroup, Thomas Chong, Rick Steves, Vivian McPeak, Lynnette Shaw, and Stephen DeAngelo.

Thus far, the only serious concerns about our initiative have been polling and funding.  After this Monday, the polling question will be settled.  Give us a few more weeks and the funding question will also be settled.  This campaign is going all the way and you now have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in this history making adventure.  Working together, we CAN create the change we want to see in our world!

Let freedom grow,
Steve Kubby
Chief Officer and Campaign Manager
Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act, 2012

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"FREEDOM CANNOT BE LICENSED, liberties cannot be regulated and rights cannot be granted. History teaches us that when the rights and liberties of a free people have restrictions upon them, they cease to be freedoms and rights. Instead, the government becomes like a king, bestowing privileges upon the chosen few and servitude upon everyone else."

"CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE AND DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS - Nothing infuriates me more than when retarded Supreme Court Justices talk about 'States Rights' and 'Corporation Rights'.  Under our US Constitution, only human beings have rights and those rights are inseparable and inalienable, meaning they can't be taken from us or transferred to another entity."